New 4 U:

A little ditty I made with Ableton & Push for my friend James Musser who’s birthday it is today (April 9). Recorded in about 30 minutes and pretty much unedited…
Happy Birthday my man! Ask & you shall receive.

Path Over Mountains

Fun at a local high school…. recorded in 35 minutes. No edits.

Mr Gone: set list time with Richie Morales and Ratzo Harris

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Last minute systems check…! The best of@old and new tech. :)

All set up at Bergen Community College for the Ars Electronica show. Psyched!

Morton Subotnick's Silver Apples of the Moon: 'It blew my mind!' | Culture | The Guardian

One of the first Electronic Music pieces I ever heard - back in the ‘60’s.

All set up here in Kaplan Hall for tonight’s “Much Ado About Nothing” by the Judith Shakespeare Co. I love my job. :) (at Kaplan Hall OCCC)

The prodigal “son” returns„, and it all comes together. O, we’re having some fun now…!